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Rubber & PVC Boots - Rain and Chemical Protection

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Haz-Mat Boots, Rain Boots, Chemical Protective Boots

Rubber boots are commonly also known as Wellington boots, after the style created by the Duke of Wellington in the 19th century. The Wellington boot style was originally made of leather, but in 1852, the invention of vulcanized rubber allowed wholly waterproof, Wellington-type rubber boots to be manufactured, which were an immediate success, as farmers could finally come home with clean, dry feet.

The lower cost of manufacturing rubber "Wellington" style boots and the waterproof nature of those boots, lent itself immediately to being the preferred protective shoe in many forms of industry. Increased attention to occupational health and safety requirements led to the steel toe or steel-capped Wellington: a protective (commonly internal) toe-capping to protect the foot from crush and puncture injuries. Although traditionally made of steel, the reinforcement may be a composite or a plastic material such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

As well as the traditional protective rain boots made of rubber, Anchortex Corporation also supplies PVC boots, boots made from chemical-resistant polymers, and purpose-built protective footwear for a variety of occupational safety requirements for footwear as personal protective equipment. These rubberized work boots, PVC work boots, and other splash protection boots are ideal when you need a non-liquid-absorbent boot or a chemical-resistant boot for your workplace.

Safety Toe Rubber Boots - Footwear with a steel or composite toe for industrial safety.
· Chemical-Resistant Boots - Chemically resistant footwear for use in situations where hazardous chemicals may be a problem.
· Chest Waders and Hip Waders - Hip waders and chest waders for situations requiring wading through deep liquids.
· Dialectric Rubber Boots - Dialectric protective footwear for use in situations where an electrically insulating boot is required.
· Hazardous Materials Footwear - Boots that are designed to be worn with hazardous materials protective apparel.
· Industrial Footwear - Boots that are designed to be worn for general industrial tasks.
· Overboots and Covers - Boot covers, shoe covers, overboots, and other footwear designed to be worn over an existing shoe or boot.

Contact our sales department for delivery estimates and best pricing on quantity orders, or for assistance in selecting the appropriate style of protective rubber or PVC boots.