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Sorbents and Spill Cleanup

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Anchortex Corporation is a leading distributor of sorbents and spill cleanup products for use in handling on-the-job accidents at all types of job site and in following OSHA guidelines on cleaning up chemical, oil, blood, and other liquid spills, regardless of whether your workplace is a juice aisle in a busy retail outlet where slip-and-fall accidents are rife or an emergency center of a hospital ward following the entrance of a trauma victim where bloodborne pathogen risks are a concern or an oil refinery needing to contain the damage from a leak quickly and safely before it becomes a flash fire hazard.

Call us for technical specs for chemical and oil absorbent products and spill containment kits.  Our helpful and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you with oil absorption product info and specs, MSDS data sheets, chemical compatibility charts and more - we can help you find the products you need! Ask for samples of absorbent materials to meet your requirements for oil spill and chemical spill response.

As a distributor and partner of Evolution Sorbent Products (ESP) and other major manufacturers of absorbent material, we can deliver fast anywhere in the US. Whether you need your absorbent pads, rolls, mats and spill kits to maintain your on-hand stock or for emergency spill response - we ship fast and reliably.

We offer a broad array of marine and land booms as well as heavy and light absorbent pads and rolls. Call or contact us for these and related spill cleanup and response materials:

• Oil Spill Kits

• Chemical Spill Kits

• Oil Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Mats, Socks, Booms, and Containers

• Chemical Absorbent Containers, Booms, Socks, Pads, Mats and Rolls

• Chemical and Oil Containment Drums

• Absorbent Pillows and Socks

• Absorbent Drip Pans

• Spill Containment Berms

• Spill Control Sorbents

Please contact our sales department to receive a quote based on quantity or needs for your facility or office.

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